illyriad - Grand Strategy MMO

Magic in Illyriad

Master Arcane Secrets

Magic in Illyriad is a powerful force to help and to hinder at close quarters as well as great range. There are multiple schools of magic, each containing a variety of spells. Each school and spell must be researched before it can be cast. Once researched in a city, however, it is available to that city forever.

All spells have a casting time and some spells also have a cool-down counter which means the spell cannot be recast until a certain time has elapsed. Spells cannot be stacked on a target. Only a single positive-influence magic and a single negative penalty magic can be in operation on the same tile or unit/army at any one time. If a second offensive or defensive (penalty or bonus) spell is cast onto a tile or unit, only the more powerful spell will be in effect. Multiple mages in an alliance, however, might work together to target a single enemy with a selection of different spells.

The Schools of Magic

Some spells take instantaneous effect, while others have lasting effects that require a continuous spend of mana in upkeep. Magic strength and range is strongly effected by the Lunar Phase active when the spell is cast. Click the image of the school below to learn more about the spells in the school:

blights magic


The Blights School of Magic allows you to project various woes onto the cities of your enemy.

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Blights in Illyriad.

geomancy magic


Through the Geomancy School of Magic you gain control over the environment, harnessing natural forces to benefit your cities as well as those of your allies.

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Geomancy in Illyriad.

runes magic


Runes are mystic marks, carved or written onto a surface and imbued with your mages' power. Runes are predominantly used in defensive magics to protect your city.

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Runes in Illyriad.