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Illyriad Fansites

Below is a list of fansites and blogs about Illyriad created by members of the community. We appreciate the effort and wealth of knowledge and information put into these websites. If you would like to have your Illyriad fansite considered for this official listing, please submit it to for review.

Assets are available via our downloadable fansite kit.


Arcanum Illyria: Unofficial Wiki

An in-depth informational wiki about Illyriad created by HonoredMule.

The Illypedia

Helpful tools, information and Q&A, created by Fluffy.


The Illyriad Effect

Illyriad strategy, guides, tips and thoughts from player Humbled.

Wisdom of Kurdruk

Tips, guides and blogs about Illyriad created by Kurdruk.

My Eternal Reverie

Personal blogs and web comics from Sunstorm.

Illyriad Olympics

Player created mini-tournaments for Illyriad.

Strategy in Illyriad

Illyriad Strategy tips by Silent Sword.