illyriad - Grand Strategy MMO

Trade in Illyriad

Amass Wealth in a Player-Driven Economy

Every day hundreds of thousands of Caravans move across the map of Illyriad. These are the players' trade units, carrying gold, raw resources, manufactured goods, food, and more. While wars occasionally burst across the land, and diplomatic schemes play out in the shadows, trade is a constant, active part of life in Illyriad.

A town's Market allows these Caravans to be recruited and dispatched, taking supplies to friends and neighbours, or scavenging the wilderness for free resources. At first the tiny market built by a new settlement will have only a few Caravans, each struggling to transport a small load. In time, this Market might develop into a bustling hub, with dozens of Caravans hauling much larger cargos.

And beyond the town's own Market, there is also a persistent global Marketplace, where players buy and sell between one another. Players place Buy orders, stating what they will purchase at a fixed price and setting the gold aside, or they can place a Sell order, asking a fixed price for goods which they have in their town. Others then browse the offers available, and accept those that suit them. Prices constantly rise and fall, and varying quantities become available each hour. Here, some players trade to raise cash (selling good to pay their soldiers or diplomats), others trade to buy goods to consume in their own towns, while others aim to trade for profit (buying cheaply and selling the same goods later at a higher price).