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The best games to secretly play at work: Illyriad

" Most browser-based city-building games are pretty shallow, relying on the Clash of Clans model to keep people hooked. Illyriad breaks the mold in a number of compelling ways that make it one of the best in its field." -

Illyriad ranks #4 on MMO Attack's Top Games List

We're proud to come in as one of "...the Big Bad Four..." on MMO Attack's recent list of the Top 10 Mobile MMOs.

Illyriad footage starts at 3m30s, and as a tiny indie game company we really don't mind ranking just behind Zenonia 5, Clash of Clans and Albion Online! - MMO Attack

Illyriad releases updates and game data to celebrate 5 year anniversary
- IndieGame Magazine

Browser kingdom sim Illyriad celebrates its fifth anniversary
- Massively Overpowered

Illyraid, a free multiplayer, multiplatform strategy game for Windows
"innovative strategy game that will surely make you addicted" - The Windows Club

Best Games for Surface | Illyriad – MMO Grand Strategy
"Illyriad is an impressive game and is altogether unique among its competitors ... Illyriad has every element to make it one of the best games in the genre. " - WinRTSource

"Illyriad is a fantastic browser-based HTML5 MMO ... A great example of what a small start-up can produce" - Develop Industry Excellence Awards

Develop Awards Finalist
"Online Innovation Finalist" - Develop Industry Excellence Awards

Free for All: My favorite female armor sets
"A browser-based MMORTS that has real consequences" -

Mozilla Game On Notable Runner-Up -

Windows 8 Power-Up Finalist - Microsoft

Build an Empire on the Cloud with Illyriad
"Everyone loves sinking their teeth into a game with real depth and Illyriad offers that in abundance..." - Microsoft Ubelly

Illyriad Announces First Expansion: Broken Lands, Coming This Year
"This is a big change for the game that should welcome a more diverse type of player base... " - RTS Guru

30 Awesome HTML5 Games
"I expected to find a full-blown HTML5 MMO. Illyriad is the real deal!"- Casual Game Fan

Harvest Souls and Win Bragging Rights & Prizes in Illyriad's Dark Harvest Tournament
Illyriad has seen some changes and new additions over the past year, with strengthened Alliances as an outcome. - RTS Guru

Illyriad's Dark Harvest Tournament Begins - MMO Hut

If you enjoy economic strategies instead of just military, check Illyriad out. -

MMObility: Fourteen MMOs that you can play anywhere This is the most advanced HTML5 game on this list. If you like MMORTS titles (and obviously I do!), then this one will provide a lot of fun. -

Illyriad's revamp adds friends list, medal designer, and more functional UI -

Illyriad - New UI, Social Features, Alliance Medal Designer Customization & More - RTS Guru

Illyriad Introduces New User Interface And More - MMO Hut

Illyriad Update Introduces New UI and Alliance Medals - Develop

"Illyriad is one of the premier HTML5 MMOs..." - HTML5 Game Dev News

Illyriad April game update adds an "organic" world and emergent model for NPC movements.
"So we wanted the non-player populations to behave sensibly, and organically, in response to players’ actions. As an example, animal populations in Illyriad have previously appeared randomly; now, each pack or herd of animals will be tracked in real time, its population increasing over time, and the pack splitting when the population grows to a certain point. Players will be able to dramatically impact the sizes of animal populations, which will have multiple consequences."
As reported by, RTS Guru, Indie Game Magazine and DIY Gamer

Illyriad goes Organic – questions and answers - MMO Hut

MMObility: Reaching the MMORTS sweet-spot, slowly "The most recent game to bring me to the point of sweet, never-ending, world-conquering bliss is Illyriad." -

"The vast kingdom is covered in peaks, hills, plains, and forests, each of which hold locations for highly defensible and flourishing cities. It’s up to players to become leaders of their own city or cities, taking on quests, collecting resources, and building armies to help their cities grow and prosper." -

"Illyriad is an in-depth browser RTS that gives players a wide range of playstyles." - MMO Hut

MMObility: The 16 MMOs in my pocket "I've mentioned this favorite browser-based MMORTS numerous times, and for good reason. It has depth, strategy, and a mostly friendly community that is notorious for helping out new players." -

"Free for All: Comparing the Payment Models of Runescape and Illyriad" "Illyriad‘s payment system is easy to understand, it’s cheap, and it doesn’t significantly affect gameplay." -

"Illyriad has a great niche. It’s a simple and fun game that is easy to keep running in a separate browser tab for most of the day. There is plenty to do and I would suggest that everyone with a few minutes goes and checks it out." -

"Gamespy's 101 Free PC Games of 2012" -

"Illyriad is a top class strategy based HTML5 game that unleashes a whole kingdom of opportunities and threats on the players..." - HTML5 Games

"Illyriad: A Great Multi-Platform Game for Android and iOS" - Daily Mobile

"Illyriad: A game with a lot of depth and many paths to success." - Genre Reviews

MMObility: Ten terrific titles for this nifty new netbook "The HTML5-based MMORTS will truly work on any device, as long as it has a browser. I have played it on every phone, tablet, laptop, desktop and now netbook in my home. Once you meet the community and get started, you are likely to forget that the game is actually a free-for-all PvP sandbox. … It’s perfect for a netbook. Hell, it’s perfect for any device."-

"Illyriad. I could tell right away that this game was special." - ThriftyGamer

MMObility: How to real-time-strategize your way into my heart "I love the look of Illyriad, one of my recent MMORTS obsessions. It has a nice, hand-drawn feel to it and appears warm, inviting, and epic. Scrolling across the map feels like scanning an actual cloth map, complete with hidden areas and scattered empires. The graphics of Illyriad also bring up the fact that an MMORTS can be more accessible than a client-based MMO, especially when you get into the HTML and Flash varieties." -

MMObility: Fifty games for the mobile lifestyle "Illyriad: HTML, any device. This little surprise has taken hold of me. Imagine an epic RTS but with killer lore and an awesome community." -

Free for All: Gaming with Game of Thrones

"… some of the most fun is had in imagining the alliance lines being drawn or the secret meetings that decide the fate of entire sections of the globe!

Illyriad achieves this feeling, not by brute force but by allowing you to get to know your neighbors — and your enemies. Travel and trade is realistic, as far as the time required to do both. … If you zoom out on the map, you will see just how large the world is and just how much time it might take to cross it. Search the map for alliances and you witness how many lines are indeed being drawn. Despite the very friendly community, I never once stop thinking about the battles and wars going on at that very moment." -

MMObility: Survival on a desert island "The gameplay of Illyriad is perfect when I have only a few minutes at a time, but with the sheer amount of information, skills to learn, and wonderful community members, there is plenty to do.

Given Illyriad’s realistic trade, amazing community, and variable-speed gameplay, I would be insane to leave this one off the list." -

"You can play at your own pace and become whatever type of leader you choose" -

"The developers are very active and provide very substantial improvements regularly" - JeuxOnline