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Illyriad Interviews

Build an Empire on the Cloud with Illyriad

Illyriad CEO James Niesewand was interviewed about cloud gaming by Microsoft's Ubelly gaming website.

Illyriad's Crafting 2.0 Adds Shovels to the Sandbox

RTS Guru chats with the staff of the online browser-RTS, Illyriad about their massive overhaul to crafting in the game's most recent update.

Illyriad - Q&A on Going "Organic" & Making Big Changes to the Game

RTS Guru interviewed the Illyriad development team about the change from randomly distributed NPCs to an organic emergent model. They also discussed out the community plays a role in the development and future of Illyriad.

From indies to indies: James Niesewand from Illyriad

Illyriad’s James Niesewand has been interviewed by fellow indie MMO developer Dave Toulouse.

Check out this in-depth interview about the process of making Illyriad and what led our intrepid developers to jump into the business of indie games.

Illyriad Massively TV Interview‘s Beau Hindman sat down with James Niesewand, CEO of Illyriad Games, for an interview on Massively TV’s livestream.

They took the opportunity to discuss the current tournament, The Undead Horde, as well as many aspects of future development for Illyriad. Player submitted questions from the community were also answered on air.

Free for All: An inside look at Illyriad Games

James Niesewand was at GDC Online representing Illyriad, and had a chance to sit down and give Beau Hindman from Massively a glimpse behind the scenes at the company, as well as to discuss the future for Illyriad.

Illyriad: The Journey from Concept to HTML5

Andrew J Baker talks to Illyriad CEO James Niesewand about the HTML5 MMORTS Illyriad, from initial concept to release to adoption of HTML5 and continued development. As well as advice for new and old developers of persistent HTML5 games.

MMObility: Illyriad devs shine light on HTML5

Beau Hindman from has ran an interview with the Illyriad Dev Team in his column MMObility about HTML5 and the future of browser gaming.

Development without a dev team

Develop Online interviewed the Illyriad Dev Team and our third party partners on how it all works together using a highly distributed environment.

Internet Trailblazer: James Niesewand

Webfusion interviewed James Niesewand (GM Stormcrow) shortly after Illyriad went into Open Beta.