illyriad - Grand Strategy MMO

Illyriad Game Information

illyriad game overview

Game Overview

Explore and learn more about the features and world of Illyriad.

illyriad guiding principles

Guiding Principles

The core foundation and philosophy on which Illyriad has been created.

illyriad races


Learn more about the four playable races in Illyriad.

illyriad city building

City Building

Build your fantasy empire with dozens of unique buildings.

illyriad diplomacy


Learn more about the different types of diplomats including scouts, spies and thieves.

illyriad trade


Amass wealth in a true player-driven economy.

illyriad military


Explore deep military strategy to battle against creatures in the world or other players.

illyriad magic


Information about the three schools and dozens of magical spells available to cast.

illyriad bestiary


The world of Illyria is inhabited by a number of creatures of both natural and magical origin.