illyriad - Grand Strategy MMO

Frequently Asked Questions

General and Account Related

What is Illyriad?

Illyriad is a browser-based massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS).

How much does it cost to play?

Illyriad is free-to-play, which means you can play and access all aspects of the game forever without having to pay. You can, however, purchase optional bonuses using Prestige. To learn more about Prestige, read here.

What browser/device can I use to play Illyriad?

Illyriad is fully supported and works best in Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4 and up or Chrome 7 and up. It is secondarily supported in Internet Explorer 8, Opera, Safari 4 and up as well as Chromium and Firefox in Linux. Browsers in mobile devices including Android, iPhone and iPad are also able to run Illyriad.

What languages does Illyriad support?

Currently Illyriad is only supported in English. Therefore, English is the only language to be used in global chat and on our forums. However full international character sets are supported in Alliance chat and in-game mail. If you would like to correspond with other players in other languages, you are welcome to do so in those spaces.

How do I recover my game username and/or password?

Send an email to to recover your Illyriad game username and/or password.

How do I recover my forum username and/or password?

Send an email to to recover your Illyriad forum username and/or password.

How do I delete my account?

If you wish to no longer play on your Illyriad account, go to the Account & Preferences tab under your profile and choose "abandon account." This decision is final and not reversible so do not abandon your account if you ever wish to return to it.

Can I change my character name?

To change your character name visit the Accounts & Preferences tab in game and choose "character/account name." A name change costs 300 Prestige.

How many accounts can I have?

Each player is only allowed two accounts. Any additional accounts are in violation of game rules and will be removed.

What does a [suspended] or inactive account mean?

Players who have left Illyriad either voluntarily or otherwise will leave behind their cities that list as [suspended]. Game accounts that have not been accessed for a certain amount of time (based upon population) will be automatically suspended and removed by the system. This is to make sure the map has plenty of open and available land for active players. For more information about inactive account removal visit the Account Support page.

What are the game and forum rules?

View the Illyriad code of conduct and rules. By playing Illyriad and posting on our forums you agree to these rules as well as the Terms and Conditions of Illyriad.

Gameplay Related

What races can I play in Illyriad?

Players can choose from Human, Dwarf, Orc or Elf. Each race has different resource plot distribution as well as unique diplomatic and military statistics.

How do I build and what can I build in Illyriad?

In order to build a new structure in Illyriad you need to have researched the corresponding technology and have the required amount of resources. Then choose an empty plot in your city in order to create the new building. For more information about buildings in Illyriad visit our forums.

What sorts of combat are there in Illyriad?

Players in Illyriad can engage their troops in player verses player combat or can take on NPC enemies throughout the world. Armies in Illyriad are fully customizable and terrain on which battles are fought can affect the outcome.

Are there quests in Illyriad?

Yes, you can accept quests from the Tavern building in your city.

Are there guilds in Illyriad?

Player created organizations in Illyriad are called Alliances. Joining an Alliance is an important endeavor not only for social reasons, but for strategic ones.

How does trade work?

Trade in Illyriad takes place entirely within a player-driven marketplace. Players post offers in the marketplace at a price of their choosing and other players can accept the offer, creating a robust in-game economy.

What is new player protection?

For the first seven days after you create your Illyriad account, your city is protected from attack. You can see this visibly by the presence of a rainbow over your city.

How many cities can I have?

You can settle 10 cities per account as well as holding additional land via the sovereignty system in game.

For additional FAQs and answers, visit our forums.